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PrintsByBianka is one of the best up-and-coming art and lifestyle pages we’ve found this year, and in this article, we’re going to discuss why that is.

First, let's talk about what Bianka does. Bianka describes herself as an independent artist working out of Byron Bay, Australia. Originally belonging to Melbourne, her young adulthood journey with art has taken her across the globe to places like London, Paris, Buenos Aires. To have finally settled in her current studio in New South Wales. As she describes it, the studio is located up in the hills behind Byron Bay, 'where nature and inspiration abound.’

Her studio is a modest one and is the final piece of this wholesome little outfit from which she operates, surrounded by nature and animals and her beautiful original art.

One thing we noted and thoroughly appreciated is Bianka's mission statement; "to work with apparel and accessory suppliers … who share this commitment to safe and healthy workplaces." With sustainability and ethics as the ever-guiding values for her business, we find her website to be much easier to recommend for people who are conscious about the environment and the people who manufacture the things they buy.

Landing on the website, we're greeted by a joyous video of Bianka in her studio listening to music and dancing as she paints on a massive canvas, surrounded by art supplies, canvases, and frames. This conveys a message about her art that is seldom found in anything else we see when we look at paintings: we see the painter in her natural form, an artist at work, quite literally.

The video clip is flanked just below with a quote representing the entirety of her product offerings in a single statement: "Make art a part of your life." The site is simple, concise, and shows you just what you need to see without bombarding you with too much information simultaneously. The previously mentioned quote is swiftly justified as you scroll a bit further, where she states, "Not everyone can afford my canvasses," and highlights one of the enamel mugs she offers with her prints.

Making art a part of one's life can be an expensive journey; canvases and paintings do not come cheap. However, Bianka does not settle for this lack of accessibility and offers her art in many, many different forms. The enamel mug is the tip of the iceberg of items with her prints; with other items including mousepads, t-shirts, notebooks, journals, and even flip flops!

Devotion and commitment to one's mission, especially in the case of niche businesses like Bianka's, is rarely seen, and that makes us appreciate it all the more in this case. Personally, though I would find it hard to justify spending a few hundred dollars on a single canvas, I found it much more convenient to order a notebook and a poster of the paintings instead. Seeing an artist not only state a mission worth following but also follow through with it in their actions has been a refreshing change of pace that I honestly love!

Getting to the specific items themselves, let’s take a look at a few of them in more detail:

Pretty Woman – Spiral Notebook

Notebooks are a classic item to put a painting on the cover of, and this particular one demonstrates why. As a frequent journalist and writer, I enjoy a nice-looking notebook more than most others do, but I would encourage you to give this a shot because you're likely to love it as much as I do. The book's pages are thick, good quality paper, the cover is solid with a high-resolution print of the painting, and the spirals for the one I received were in perfect shape.

Beach Baby – Flip-Flops

This is definitely a new one for me, and I'm really glad to have discovered it. Flip-flops at the beach are essential, but most of us just buy whatever we find at the store with the odd special designs catching our eye. However, this specific pair with the print chosen by Bianka represents the beach spirit in a way I never knew I needed until I saw it. The colors pop against the sand, the foam is comfortable, and they're as good as you'll ever need a pair of flip-flops to be, plus the flashy bonus design!

Bath Time – Black Glossy Mug

The mug is listed in two sizes: 11oz and 15oz, with each of them featuring a glossy finish and a simple, cylindrical design, which I am personally a big fan of. However, though this is a criticism for most customized and printed mugs in general, I do not like how the print does not go to the edges of the mug at the top and the bottom. Maybe that's just me, but I do love the print on the mug and the way it stands out from all the other ones I have. If mugs are your thing, you definitely want to take a look at the prints offered by Bianka because there really isn’t anything like it out there.

Beach Baby – T-shirt Dress

Made with 96% polyester and 4% spandex, this T-shirt dress is one of the most comfortable and unique items I could find on the site. Leaving the quality aside, which is as excellent as anything else on the site, the Beach Baby print featured on it looks absolutely perfect for me. With the longer design, there is more space for the print to occupy, and it most certainly does, with every corner (besides the sleeves and back) of the dress being filled in with the design. This is easily one of the most outlandish items on the site, and I mean that in the best of ways.

Well, that's about it for our review of PrintsByBianka, a fresh and innovative startup that has refreshed the way we look at art in contemporary society; it belongs not only on canvases but on anything and everything we imagine. Bianka's prints realize this vision in a way that retains the beauty of the art even on something as simple as a mug, and that's part of what makes us love it as much as we do.

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