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Ever since I discovered Prints by Bianka, I’ve been in love with her art and prints in every way, shape, and form offered on the site. Bianka’s story is truly inspiring for me as an art hobbyist and aspiring artist.

Seeing her fulfill her childhood dream of becoming an artist when she grows up, traveling around the world in the process, and finally settling down in a location as artistic as her paintings sounds like the description of a perfect life for me.

The way she draws inspiration from the scenery not just around her but from locations all over the world is part of what makes her art so alluring and fascinating to me. Operating a modest studio in her property above a creek in Byron Bay, there’s just something about the entire setup that makes her art that much more special and unique for me.

It’s something that I can appreciate and cherish and show to all my loved ones.

Of all the art I’ve seen, it’s so rare for me to ever find it anywhere but on the canvas or print that I buy and hang on a wall. While I love the feeling of getting home or waking up and looking at the paintings still there, as pretty as ever, sometimes I feel myself longing for the sight of them while I’m out and about in the world.

In this way, Prints by Bianka offers something that I have rarely seen anywhere else: putting her paintings on items like shirts, mugs, and even flipflops. I absolutely love this part of the entire experience and the fact that I can now order not only a canvas of her paintings for my house but also a shirt that I can rock when I take a trip down to my local gallery or even the grocery store!

If you’ve ever seen a shirt with Van Gogh’s Café Terrace on it, you can imagine why I love this particular line of products from Bianka and why I believe you will adore it just as much!

While art is supposed to be (and usually is) as accessible to everyone as possible, often, it can be really expensive to afford a canvas or a proper print from a credible artist for financially limited people. When I came across Bianka’s site, I knew from that instant that she strives to ensure this issue is not something her clients and subscribers would never have to experience.

Note Book

As I stated above, Prints by Bianka offers all of her original art, like prints on items such as shirts, coffee mugs, and notebooks. This goes a long way in making sure that anyone visiting her site can find not only something they adore but also something they can afford to get without breaking the bank! While a shirt can’t offer the same experience an original canvas straight from the studio does, I believe that a canvas can never offer the same experience a shirt with original art can, either!

An aspect of uniqueness and individuality comes with her printed shirts that are sometimes truly hard to describe; you just have to experience it for yourself!

And that’s not all; if you’re a frequent writer or fond of journaling, you’ll know the effect of having a notebook or journal that looks good and somewhat reflects your personality and mood when writing. Bianka’s printed notebooks, with original art on them, have been the perfect way for me to express myself and my artistic self through a journal. For me, this has been a rare, beautiful, and fulfilling experience that I didn’t think I would feel apart from when I bought an original canvas from an artist. Now, I get to have that same feeling with so many things Bianka offers on her site, which has opened a new avenue for experiencing art that I never knew even existed!

Accessibility to quality art such as Bianka’s is an important thing for me, and it brings me a lot of joy to know that she makes sure of it with everything she posts on her site.

Mouse Pad

With mouse pads and mugs starting at less than $10, her art is affordable and the same excellent quality that I have come to expect from her work over time. At the same time, I think accessibility is not just about price. As she offers all of her art in prints on various types of items (even beanies and caps!), people that are just looking to dip their toes in the hobby of collecting art or just looking at it can now do that with everyday items!

Not everybody wants to start out in the art world by purchasing a $50 metal print of original art from a niche artist, which is perfectly okay! As I said before, art is all about accessibility, and Bianka has checked all of the boxes to make her art affordable and available in various forms for anybody to try it out in a way that suits them.

Apart from the accessibility of her art, I cannot stress enough how much I absolutely adore the art itself and the way it is incorporated into different items. My favorite so far has to be the T-shirt dress with the ‘Beach Baby’ painting printed on it. The glitz and the way it stands out from anything else I’ve seen is just stunning and special in a way that really clicks with my spirit.


Another item I love is the jigsaw puzzle with ‘Pretty Woman’ as the complete painting on it. Maybe I just love puzzles, or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve never seen anything quite like a painting made out of a puzzle (or vice versa), but it makes me connect with Bianka’s ingenuity and innovativeness.

My experience with her items and her brand so far has been nothing short of spectacular, and I am looking forward to seeing more of her creativity shine through, and I would love to have some company on that journey with you!

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